Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Your Life Sweeter: Getting Rid of That Common Habit

Duchess Kate on tour at Honiara
Image Source: The Huffington Post

     I know I've been away for a while, and while it may have seemed I had abandoned my blog, I was actually enjoying some precious time off. Just a few weeks ago I came back from a relaxing and awesome vacation in the island of Key West, here in Florida. I had some time to think, "breathe, relax, let go," as the hotel's private beach kindly reminded as each set of words were etched on three wooden boards attached to palm trees. It's amazing how a getaway can help you to think about things that really matter, and clear your mind of things that may overwhelm you from your routine. One of the things I had time to think about are the simple things that can make life better, including the things we can let go of in order to make life sweeter, such as the common act of passing judgment. We are guilty of doing it from time to time, but really, who of us likes to be judged by others? What girl can stand knowing that someone is gossipping about her and spreading rumors? I'm sure none of us likes it, but it is a harsh reality life can bring us sometimes.

     Recently, we have witnessed how the paparazzi went to great lengths to taint the image of the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Prince William's wife, through the publication of her topless photos on a French magazine. Some may judge and say that her choice of sunbathing half-nude is tasteless and whatnot, but to me, what is incredibly admirable about her in this situation is how unfazed she appears to be in her recent photographs as she's been visiting foreign countries with her husband. There is beauty in the silent confidence of smiling through the storm of judgment and not caring enough about people's perceptions to feed the frenzy with a negative attitude, as we can learn from Duchess Kate. 

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      It's so easy to hate being judged or spoken badly about behind our backs, or worse, to our very faces. Even easier is our own ability to pass judgment on someone else. Hey, it happens! What we have to realize is that judging is generally a very negative thing to do because, in essence, we are being hypocritical when we do it considering the fact that we cannot tolerate it when we know someone is judging us. What's worse is that when we focus our attention on a person's flaw, we fail to realize at that very moment that we also have flaws, some of them potentially greater than the one we are condemning in that person we are judging. More importantly, if we want to live a life in which we are virtually free from others' judgment, then we must realize that whatever energy we're giving out to others, the law of attraction has a way of bringing it back to us, one way or another. In other words, if we're criticizing, judging, gossiping about someone, calling them "stupid" or whatnot, we will one day receive our end of the bargain and we will be criticized, judged, and gossiped about just as harshly. Whatever measure you judge with, you will be judged with in return-- that's just the way the world works. On the other hand, if we genuinely compliment, encourage, and even empower others, we're throwing positive energy out that will come to us back in reward in due time by having that same energy returned to us.

     So what is there to do when the ugly thoughts of judgment come to our mind against someone? You can reprogram your mind by stopping the thoughts immediately and thinking about at least one good thing about the person. Hey, if that "bad" driver cuts into your lane, instead of criticizing and labeling the person with words indicating their lack of competency, fueling your road rage, start to see how amazing his/her taste in car is, be it their choice in the brand of their car or even just their choice in color! I know it sounds silly, and it will feel ridiculously silly when trying to reprogram your mind this way at first, but it's worth practicing if it means you will attract more positive energy from others to yourself, all while avoiding bringing the harshness of judgment from coming your way when it could've been prevented.

     Lastly, I have heard many times that when someone labels others with words that have a negative meaning attached to them, they actually indirectly believe those things about themselves deep within. So it's necessary that if we frequently judge others, that we stop and analyze what we're saying about them and what that could potentially translate to in our feelings towards ourselves. To cancel out those negative thoughts you may have towards others and perhaps towards yourself, it is important to take the time to truly appreciate the things in you that make you special-- those things that are good and beneficial. The more you feel good about yourself, the better you will be able to see the good in people and end the habit of passing judgment.

     Ladies and gents, when was the last time you had a kind thought about someone you barely knew?


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  2. This is such a beautiful post! You are truly right about it... the bottom line is that we should give the same respect we expect others to give us :)
    Welcome back doll! Have a lovely day!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment, Borka! Definitely true. :)
    Have a fantastic day as well!



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