Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Post by Anya Sarre: Put Your Best Fringe Forward

Anya Sarre,
Celebrity Stylist
J'adore La Dolce Vita is very thrilled to present you a guest post with celebrity stylist Anya Sarre! I'm honored to have her write on this blog. Check out her highly sought-after fashion tips for fall featuring the classic fringe vest. I've gathered together a few fringe vest choices you can wear this fall along with accessories inspired by Anya's fashion-forward guest post. Read on for celebrity-style fashion advice!

Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

Put Your Best Fringe Forward

Fall can be an inspiring time for fashion: The vivid colors and crisp air illicit feelings of enchantment that are just begging your inner fashionista to unleash her whimsical spirit!

No matter what season you are dressing for, there is one universal style rule that applies year round-- the true secret to looking good on the outside is feeling good on the inside! So this fall why not try accessorizing with an added dash of confidence?  
Look Fall Fashionable in a Flash 
You don't have to be a slave to fashion to master your own style! Have you ever dreamed about being on the fringes of fall fashion? How about trying on a fringe vest for size. This dramatic, fun piece is one item of clothing you can get a ton of mileage out of! Colored vests like brown and tan create a warm, country look while black adds a little alluring severity to your style.

Fringe Benefits 

A great way to parlay your love of summer into a fall-appropriate look is to pair a fringe vest with a solid or patterned flowing maxi skirt with a pair of knee-high boots. This look achieves a warm, comfortable look with just a hint of autumn magic. Fringe vests look great when paired with cowboy boots, but feel free to just use your favorite pair of women’s shoes!

Go Glam or Go Home

Fringe vests are totally practical for every day, but did you know that you can even stretch their style capacity to handle semi-formal events? That’s right, your favorite new fringe vest is just begging to be dressed up a bit! All it takes is a sequin top or puff-sleeve blouse and a pair of high heel stilettos and, that same vest that gets you through school or work can transform you into a beautiful swan for a night on the town!

Hippy Chic

The pioneering look of a fringe vest begs compassion to a flower child style. You can play this up to your advantage and create a whimsical look with a few key accessories. A set of chunky bangle bracelets is the perfect adornment to show off that you are a free spirit! Another great companion to a fringe vest is anything featuring feathers. This includes feather headbands, feather earrings, and necklaces with feather pendants. This fun, free, natural look will make you the queen of the fall harvest!
The leaves may be falling outside, but fashion is in full bloom. So go ahead and reap all the rewards fall fashion has to offer with a sexy strut and that added dash of confidence!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Dresses for Your Shape

Holiday Dresses for Your Shape

     The Holiday season is here! What better way is there to celebrate than to go shopping for the perfect dress to flatter your figure for the festivities ahead! I created these looks featuring examples of the kind of dress you can choose for your specific body type. This season you'll want to rock jewel-toned colors and neutral shades and dismiss neons and colors typically reserved for warmer seasons. The human eye is attracted to symmetry and proportion so if you want to look your best in a crowd full of people, wear clothes that will accentuate your best features, minimize flaws, and add a boost of sexiness to the areas that could use a little help!

Curvy: Starting with the top left, you will see the navy blue dress with black accents at the waist and hip area. The dark color with the even darker accents are a wonderful design to flatter a plus-sized woman! The black detailing at the waist visually slims the abdominal area, and large hips can look slimmer with the black crescent-shaped accent on the hip area. This is a great option if you want to look several pounds lighter to those that haven't seen you in a while who will be impressed at how terrific your curvy self will look! Avoid bodycon dresses of a solid color or dresses that are wider in one particular area such as only the chest, waist, or  bottom.

Pear Shaped: To the ladies that proudly have a larger bum but lack volume at the bosom, worry no more! You can look perfectly proportioned in a dress that draws attention to your chest while drawing attention slightly away from the bottom. Here's a terrific example: The black bodycon dress has beautiful rounded gold stripes that help to visually add volume to the top while the black contrasts to slightly shrink a heavy bottom. I love this bodycon dress!

Thin: To the women who have what is often called a "ruler" shape (thin up and down with little to no curves), you can benefit from a dress that has a satin or silk fabric with a vibrant jewel-toned color. This type of fabric highlights and creates dimension to make your body look fuller in a flattering way. The angular edges at the shoulders and hips of this jewel-toned Amethyst dress add width while keeping your figure from looking "straight up and down" by maintaining the waist cinched in contrast. This will create the illusion of a more hourglass figure. You may want to avoid bodycon dresses as this will only emphasize a ruler-like shape.

Hourglass: Blessed women of the world who have one of the most attractive, Kardashian type figures... Hear ye, hear ye! There isn't much, if anything, to do to emphasize your already gorgeous figure but to wear a well-fitted or bodycon dress that looks and feels tailored. A red dress will give your shape a va-va boom enhancement that will elevate your shape's natural sex appeal. The beautiful ruching at the waist of this dress emphasizes your thin waist and separates it from your glorious curves. You can also get away with almost any style of dress, you lucky girl!

Apple Shaped: Ladies that lack a fuller bottom but have it all going for them at the top can create an hourglass shape by adding a full skirted dress in a color that is bright yet toward the darker shades in the electromagnetic spectrum (rainbow), such as greens, blues, and purples. This will help to detract attention from a top heavy chest and enhance it towards your hip and bum area, creating a very feminine silhouette! The stitching at the waist is perfect for slimming a larger waist. Steer clear of bodycon dresses if you have a very distinct difference in sizes between your chest and bottom.

Athletic: These are the ladies who can build muscle easily, have lean muscle, or have a body that has little curves but may have a slightly thicker bone structure (think fitness model or athlete). You'll look terrific in a dress that shows off your toned arms and legs so go for something sleeveless in a sophisticated dark shade like this gray and black colorblock dress. The belted dress creates the illusion of curves as it cinches the waist, while the ruching is in perfect placement at the hip to create width. You can't go wrong in a dress like this! Add sparkly jewelry and accessories to step it up a notch and look more festive. Avoid anything that adds width to your shoulders, or thick horizontal stripes, as this may make you look more angular and less feminine in shape.

As the weather has gotten cooler, remember to throw in coat or jacket that complements your outfit and, if you like, add some dark-colored stockings to keep you warm as you celebrate this season!

 What do you plan to wear to flatter your shape this holiday season?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Your Life Sweeter: Getting Rid of That Common Habit

Duchess Kate on tour at Honiara
Image Source: The Huffington Post

     I know I've been away for a while, and while it may have seemed I had abandoned my blog, I was actually enjoying some precious time off. Just a few weeks ago I came back from a relaxing and awesome vacation in the island of Key West, here in Florida. I had some time to think, "breathe, relax, let go," as the hotel's private beach kindly reminded as each set of words were etched on three wooden boards attached to palm trees. It's amazing how a getaway can help you to think about things that really matter, and clear your mind of things that may overwhelm you from your routine. One of the things I had time to think about are the simple things that can make life better, including the things we can let go of in order to make life sweeter, such as the common act of passing judgment. We are guilty of doing it from time to time, but really, who of us likes to be judged by others? What girl can stand knowing that someone is gossipping about her and spreading rumors? I'm sure none of us likes it, but it is a harsh reality life can bring us sometimes.

     Recently, we have witnessed how the paparazzi went to great lengths to taint the image of the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Prince William's wife, through the publication of her topless photos on a French magazine. Some may judge and say that her choice of sunbathing half-nude is tasteless and whatnot, but to me, what is incredibly admirable about her in this situation is how unfazed she appears to be in her recent photographs as she's been visiting foreign countries with her husband. There is beauty in the silent confidence of smiling through the storm of judgment and not caring enough about people's perceptions to feed the frenzy with a negative attitude, as we can learn from Duchess Kate. 

Image source:
      It's so easy to hate being judged or spoken badly about behind our backs, or worse, to our very faces. Even easier is our own ability to pass judgment on someone else. Hey, it happens! What we have to realize is that judging is generally a very negative thing to do because, in essence, we are being hypocritical when we do it considering the fact that we cannot tolerate it when we know someone is judging us. What's worse is that when we focus our attention on a person's flaw, we fail to realize at that very moment that we also have flaws, some of them potentially greater than the one we are condemning in that person we are judging. More importantly, if we want to live a life in which we are virtually free from others' judgment, then we must realize that whatever energy we're giving out to others, the law of attraction has a way of bringing it back to us, one way or another. In other words, if we're criticizing, judging, gossiping about someone, calling them "stupid" or whatnot, we will one day receive our end of the bargain and we will be criticized, judged, and gossiped about just as harshly. Whatever measure you judge with, you will be judged with in return-- that's just the way the world works. On the other hand, if we genuinely compliment, encourage, and even empower others, we're throwing positive energy out that will come to us back in reward in due time by having that same energy returned to us.

     So what is there to do when the ugly thoughts of judgment come to our mind against someone? You can reprogram your mind by stopping the thoughts immediately and thinking about at least one good thing about the person. Hey, if that "bad" driver cuts into your lane, instead of criticizing and labeling the person with words indicating their lack of competency, fueling your road rage, start to see how amazing his/her taste in car is, be it their choice in the brand of their car or even just their choice in color! I know it sounds silly, and it will feel ridiculously silly when trying to reprogram your mind this way at first, but it's worth practicing if it means you will attract more positive energy from others to yourself, all while avoiding bringing the harshness of judgment from coming your way when it could've been prevented.

     Lastly, I have heard many times that when someone labels others with words that have a negative meaning attached to them, they actually indirectly believe those things about themselves deep within. So it's necessary that if we frequently judge others, that we stop and analyze what we're saying about them and what that could potentially translate to in our feelings towards ourselves. To cancel out those negative thoughts you may have towards others and perhaps towards yourself, it is important to take the time to truly appreciate the things in you that make you special-- those things that are good and beneficial. The more you feel good about yourself, the better you will be able to see the good in people and end the habit of passing judgment.

     Ladies and gents, when was the last time you had a kind thought about someone you barely knew?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transitional Fall Fashion Inspiration

Nasty Gal August lookbook
Photography by Paul Trapani, Styling by Ashley Glorioso
Model: Anja Konstantinova

     I'm loving the amazing photographs in the latest lookbook by online retailer Nasty Gal. Despite the naughty name, Nasty Gal's website contains unique clothing-- although sometimes provocative-- in which you can find what I like to call "hidden treasures," that you won't find anywhere else. I absolutely love how Australian model Anja Konstantinova adds a level of high fashion edge and photographic sophistication to the apparel. She certainly makes everything look haute couture and edgy-chic. I adore her wispy hair, cut, and color, as well as her bleached eyebrows which bring greater attention to her intense kohl-lined eyes. The clothing featured in this lookbook are transitional fall fashion items which we'll be wearing as summer ends and fall begins-- clothing-wise this is exciting!

Check out the amazing video below! Anja's got that top model talent...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Redefining Sexy: The Truly Empowered Female

    There is a social prevalence, a conditioning of the masses, if you will, that women are "powerful creatures" when they are sexualized somehow either by their form of dress, behavior towards men, and their speech. We see this evidenced in top-selling female recording artists that influence their fans with their come-hither looks, flesh-revealing outfits, dance moves resembling what's typically reserved for the bedroom, provocative performances, and their naughty lyrics. While "sex sells" is the slogan that works as a marketing motto for many industries across America and beyond, it is not something I believe society should confine itself to in terms of actually acting as a nonchalant consumer of the kind of "sex" material they're trying to sell. It's gotten to a point where this oversexualized sex appeal seems to be the norm in the media and it's spreading like a disease to the crowds. 

       I honestly feel quite sorry for these women, including the female idols of the music industry who conform to the standards of what a devious man dreamed up is the definition of sexy. The women are portrayed as ravenous dominatrixes who are in control, even of the men they are luring in. In fact, they are not in control, but are the ones being controlled by those in the industry who set the standards for them. This is not power, this is a form of psychological slavery in which the women actually convince themselves that they are empowered individuals and are independent and whatnot, but their vision is blurred when they can't see they've decided on a lifestyle and a mindset that somebody else conjured up for their greedy profit. They give off the vibe that they are the "down-for-whatever" type of woman, but this is, when viewed from another angle, the exact perspective a perverse man could want from a woman, and it is not empowering, it is condescending when the focus of the man is lust and sexual desire that is selfish and based on egotistical gain and pursuit. Literally the woman becomes objectified, heeding to a type of M.O. that feeds the man in the most superficial form.

     To be a truly empowered woman, you don't conform to the carbon copy blueprint of what "sexy" means to the world, but you stand out and become your own person with your own individual tastes and desires and you define what is sexy and attractive and no one else does it for you. True sex appeal is in a confidence in who you are in all your uniqueness and flaws, raw and unedited. Ladies, let's join together and be the influencers and not the followers. Let's be the leaders and not the carbon copies. Let's change the way we view ourselves and see that there is greater worth in our individuality than to be ignorantly influenced by things that are reductive representations of a woman. Men worthy of such a high valued woman will more than notice your worth, but treasure it unlike anything else.

As the lady says, we can do it! Most definitely. 
It starts now, with you.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giveaway + Review: Hydroxatone Skin Care Line

Photo source:

           Just like hidden treasure discovered in surprise, finding out about the Hydroxatone line of skin care products was, for me, a prized possession to have and to hold. I was so excited at the opportunity to test the beautifully packaged products that came in translucent blue packaging, beautifully wrapped in a silver mesh bag with blue ribbon, as if I was given a thoughtful gift from a friend. The products I tested were the very popular Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex (which you can enter to win below!), the Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion, and the Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion.

            The Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermasion is a beautifully scented exfoliating cream. I used it every other day, skipping one week, to allow the skin to regenerate while I tested the product. It smells so wonderful-- I couldn’t get enough of its fragrance as I smoothed it in circles over my face and neck in the shower. The results were stunning, my skin’s texture was improved almost instantly and my pores felt cleansed and were less visible. It was more effective in exfoliating my skin than the use of a popular drugstore exfoliating scrub I regularly use. Its micro-crystals break through the dead skin cells lying on the surface of your skin and scrub them away as grapeseed, green tea, ginseng, and chamomile extracts work together to reveal beautifully polished regenerated skin. I simply love this product!
            I am so glad I finally found an effective cream that actually reduces the appearance of stretch marks through the Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion. Having had two pregnancies-- that resulted in my two beautiful children—what remained as a permanent memory were a few marks on the sides of my torso that I wanted to get rid of. For weeks I used the lotion on a daily basis, but it wasn’t until about the fifth week that I noticed significant results as the stretch marks had faded, blending into my skin. I sensed that if I continued using it the marks would appear lighter than my skin tone, showing them more, so I used the lotion less frequently for a while until I eventually finished the whole product. I highly recommend this product if you have colored stretch marks that appear pink or purple-red, as this will help to fade them with regular use. Currently Hydroxatone is running a promotion where you can get 3 of these lotions for only $50-- saving you $190! The link is here: Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion Bundle.

            I am so excited and honored that Hydroxatone wanted to have me host a giveaway of their best-selling skin care product, the Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex! What I loved about this product is that, unlike most creams, it absorbed quickly into my skin and didn’t leave a greasy residue. I really liked the fact that although it feels thick to the touch it goes on lightly when applied and did not make my combination skin look greasy, seemingly able to control shine. It contains a sun protection factor, SPF 15, so that you can use it during the day, as well as at night, to prevent wrinkles caused by UVA/UVB rays. My skin looked great after using this cream for just a few weeks and I noticed a reduction in dullness and dryness, making my skin appear more awake and refreshed over time.

            The Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex cream retails at $79.95 and now you have the chance of winning this precious best-selling cream by entering into the giveaway! As part of your entry, please answer the following question in the comment section: What is your biggest skin concern?

Best of luck!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Gorgeous Spring Fashion Trends Inspired by Rainbows

Gorgeous Spring Fashion Trends Inspired by Rainbows

Dolce Gabbana silk dress
€1.100 -

Vanessa Bruno summer dress
£356 -

Party dress
150 AUD -

Mango short dress
£45 -

Cut out dress

Alexander McQueen wedge sandals
$5,095 -

Christian louboutin pumps
$1,595 -

GUESS wedge sandals
$120 -

Wedge heels
$100 -

Platform heels

Valentino leather tote bag
$2,075 -

Burberry leather handbag
$1,495 -

Miu miu handbag
$1,350 -

Balenciaga messenger bag
£925 -

Yves Saint Laurent leather clutch
£415 -

Hermes silver bangle
$2,600 -

Diamond earrings
$1,119 -

Engagement ring
€1.750 -

$15 -

Metal jewelry
£12 -

Engagement ring

Cat eye sunglasses
$11 -

NARS blush
$28 -

Christian Dior lip gloss
$28 -

Lancôme waterproof mascara
$26 -

Nail polish
$20 -

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